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I will start from when Kurt and I met, it was August 16th, 1978 my Junior year of High school was about to begin. Kurt and I were working at the Lane County fair, I played bass guitar he played guitar and ran sound. We literally ran into each other back stage at a Buck Owens concert. I was meeting the band and Kurt ran sound for them. We dated and played music for the next year and a half. On July 13th, 1980 we were married. I wanted children and my husband wanted to pursue his career before settling down so I was off to finish college and he became the Recording/Producer Engineer he is known for today. I completed my major in psychology and life was beginning to settle down. I oddly was working as a Operations Manager for 24 hour fitness while Kurt completed the facility for our Commercial Recording facility in the San Francisco Bay area, Kurt Foster Recording Services. I had to be at work each morning at 5 am, this 2nd week in November I was and had been feeling very sick, I thought I had the flu everyone else did so I made a doctors appointment just to make sure . I received a call at work the next day informing me, I didn't have the flu, I was pregnant!!!! I was the happiest manager you have even seen in your life. I was so unsure how I was going to tell my husband, see we had not decided to have babies yet, I feared his reaction. I did everything I could to keep the baby hid from him. Well after about the fourth month I had begun to show and could no longer hide the baby from him we were out to dinner one night and he glared up at me and said, " you look like you are pregnant" I just sat there, finally I blurted out "I Am" my gosh I thought he was going to have heart attack. Kurt was very quiet for the next couple of weeks, I continued to see my doctor and Kurt stayed very distant, my pregnancy was so easy, I worked 10 to 12 hour days, I jogged my normal five miles continued strength training, everything was quite normal, no need for a amnio, although we had one performed, our baby girl was perfect and I was happy to know I was becoming a mommy. I could feel her kicking each time we were at my aerobics class, I thought she might like music as I do! I saw my Ob/Gyn on a weekly basis as we approached our due date of July 29th, 2001. I went to my scheduled appointment on july 9th and all was well, I had been having "brackstin hicks" contractions my doctor said these were normal and to make sure to call if I needed anything, as I left her office I mentioned a baby shower that the company was throwing for me and another employee on the 14th and I would be attending, she said enjoy! Well we went, the day was like any other I woke up, showered, dressed, ate and left for the shower. Wow, my employees were very kind and generous, I was sitting in a chair and I reached up to get a pen to write down the gifts in our baby book and I could feel a warm wet liquid running down both my legs, I was so scared thank goodness there were some mommies there who said stay calm your water just broke. I immediately called my Ob/Gyn and then my husband, my Ob said to stay calm, take a shower and call her back. I did, I stepped into the shower still scared, I could feel something between my legs and I knew this was not right. I looked and the umbilical cord was already part way down the birth canal, I told my best friend that I needed to get to the doctor now, she handed me my cell phone, my Ob/Gyn was on the line and said to take the cord and try to push it up inside me and get myself to the hospital. We got me into the back seat of some ones car and off to the hospital as we were driving I felt a very intense need to push, I kept being told no, hold on we are almost there, I couldn't hold Kimberlees head and the cord inside me any more, I finally just gave up, I had to push, her head was all the way out to her shoulders and so was her cord. I was put on a gurney, wheeled to a room where they were preparing for a crash - c section, they were doing fetal heart tones and there were none, ultra sound , nothing, I finished delivering my "baby girl" and she was gone, the doctors could not revive her, the very cord that gave her life had "pro lapsed" between her shoulder and outside my body, near the pubic bone. I was in shock I kept hearing myself saying no you have made a mistake, God please put life back into my baby girl, please not me, not my baby girl, why? Kimberlee Anne Foster was born on July 14th, 2001 at 5:11 pm weighed 8 lbs and 2 oz and was 20 inches long, she had red blonde hair like mommy and daddy. I was able to hold her for as long as I wanted to, I did, we rocked, I caressed her checks, touched and kissed her tiny thin lips, touched each and every finger every toe and her cute little button nose, my heart ached just knowing that sooner or later they would come to take her away for ever, I memorized every detail of my perfect "baby girl" Kimberlee Anne Foster, mommy will never forget the time she had with you, it wasn't enough, I still ache daily for you, my "baby girl".